Calm your Monkey Mind.

No, me too. I'm not the patient kind of person. For sure you'll find something at this spot in the interverse, very soon. I'm working on my new portfolio. For now, you can read and think about this:

So you need a new pair of shoes. This time you want something crafted just for you, something that fits. Best quality, shoes that carry you over a distance without falling apart too soon. Your friend recommends a shoemaker. You go there and find him behind a bench in his workshop, no shiny showroom. Various pieces of work laying around, broken shoes to be fixed and some finished pairs, ready to be picked up. However, nothing that could fit your feet! Getting nervous already... You start talking to the man to find out that he loves his job and performs it with great devotion. So you ask the shoemaker to make you a new pair of shoes. What do you expect? How much trust do you have in the shoemakers craftsmanship and his ability to make something fitted just for you?

See you soon.

P.S. No, I don't make shoes. Just interfaces.