I’m a digital designer with a background in performing arts. I studied and worked as theatre director before switching from analog to digital directing in 2009. Since then I was particularly active in digital project management, graphic design, motion graphics and mobile interface design. I’m interested in educational technology and interactive data visualisations, currently working on knowledge mapping solutions for Cognostics.

After working on the wooden planks that mean the world for almost ten years, my path towards digital strategy, UX/UI, and human-centered design may seem like a long shot. Yet, a common thread remains: I thrive as a creative, an visionary, and a collaborative problem-solver.

I’m also a believer in the motivational power of Gamification, probably because I got hooked on videogames for some time as a kid. Millennials! Just a buzzword that I’m sceptic of. But at the same time I’m passionate about keeping up to the latest developments in tech and science. I think sensing the future makes living in the present much more exciting.

Design approach

Following a user-centered design approach on principle, I tend to lean towards empathic design focused on the users feelings towards the product. I want to learn the users’ unarticulated needs to then present them with surprising solutions they wouldn’t have come up with by themselves. That’s probably the most exciting outcome for both users and designers.

Favorite tools

Sketch is running daily and for hours, supported by an arsenal of great plugins and linked to platforms for design exchange and interactive prototyping – Zeplin, Flinto, Slack, Github just to name a few. For prototyping I’m also familiar with Marvel, Invision, Principle and After Effects. Sketch is also great for wireframes and user flows but in the very early states I like to use pen and paper or Omnigraffle, so I do not lose myself in details too soon.

Often I use writing to lay out product stories. It helps to get a clear vision and understanding of what problems the product will solve. It also reveals unanswered questions and lets me review the design process over time.

I rely on Photoshop for image manipulation, retouching and quality mockups as well as Illustrator for vector art, logos and icons. I develop in Chrome with Coda or Sublime and I run my personal websites on WordPress because I like php (what!?) and never came to dive into python or ruby. I find programming quite fascinating but decided to set my focus on design and conceptual work because that’s where I feel the most at home.

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