A new approach to learning

A learning platform built for digital natives and meant to become your very own digital brain. Create a customized learning environment while using a variety of groundbreaking learning tools and lightening fast knowledge navigators – Atlas gives you everything to start your fascination based learning experience.

Features to ensure fascination based learning

The platform provides a visual environment to easily navigate complex fields of knowledge. Topics and keywords are always presented in a larger context. The resulting interactive knowledge maps are constantly being optimized by an evolving artificial intelligence and tailored to the needs of the user.

Atlas guides users to learn about topics that fascinate them the most, presenting the right content at the right time. The web-based workflow allows for independent learning, establlishing curiosity and the users personal learning style as the main driver of motivation. 

Atlas itself does not generate or provide any intellectual content. It is rather a huge storage and processing station for all sorts of content, which it classifies with its algorithms and then localizes in vast knowledge spaces. Atlas can also present a variety of content types in a more brain-friendly way making the material more accessible.

Using the wisdom of crowds to populate and train AI

A question and answer environment for students who are stuck. It’s created as fully integrated and cross-linked part of the Atlas platform. Students and teachers are working together to build a library of detailed answers to every question about their study programme. Students can also improve their reputation by earning credits for positive votes on their answers and questions. 

Unlike other forums or wikis, Atlas also makes use of this verified stream of knowledge data. Question and Answer texts are a great source to teach machines using NLP. In this way, the core database becomes more and more intelligent and can adjust and re-structure the knowledge graph and its linked contents.