This has been one of the most existing projects I worked on so far. It revealed much about how social networks work, what’s good and also what’s quite scary about them. Reading a lot of articles on the psychology of digitalized social interaction gave me a lot of valuable insight and and lessons on building engaging social networks.

Gamification also played a huge role and I discovered the works of Yu-kai Chou on Gamification and Behavioral Design. We really wanted to figure out how to make a product so exciting that customers become obsessed with using it and are compelled to share how exciting their experience is with their friends.

Snapshot from Gamification ConceptSnapshot from Gamification Concept

The Project

A mobile app that allows users to explore, understand and improve their activities on social media. They will be challenged to take part in a fantastic race to the top: who is most Celebrious? “Celebriousness” will be scored and updated multiple times per day. On their path to the top users earn rewards, collect achievements and compete with their social media buddies. Improving their reputation they can actually experience how popular they are.


Build a highly engaging social media ranking app with a motivational gamification system and add real value for users who want to grow their popularity. 


Concept, Visual Design, Experience Desig


Identifying user journey & core motivations – Setting goals and objectives –Building personas – Gamification Concept and User Evolution – Competitive research – Low-fidelity prototypes – Wireframes – High fidelity design & prototypes


Tags : Gamification,   Mobile,   Social